Test Tracking

quality control

The test tracking feature allows you to view current vehicles awaiting road test. Once  the vehicle is done the system gives you a option to pass or fail the road test. If the vehicle failed allows you to allocate the vehicle back in to the workshop. 

Test tracking report is available to view all passed and failed vehicles for daily, weekly, monthly productivity.

SMS Post Service

The Post  service SMS/text system is an automatically generated sms/text  sent a day after the customer has collected his vehicle thanking him/her for their support. Manages customers SMS/texting replies to the initial message. All SMS’s are confirmed via email to the selected management with the contents of the SMS.

Electronic Filing (E-filing)

An integrated electronic filing system into the BSI-auto system. The system stores important documentation (any format pdf, excel, jpeg etc) taken by the dealership on the on site server. These documents will be linked to the specific customer and jobcard. All documentation is accessible at any time by the dealership for viewing.

Telephonic Voice Recording System

An integrated telephonic voice recording system into the BSI-auto system. The system records all conversations on the selected telephone handset. The user, with one click of the mouse can link the conversation to the jobcard for historical purposes. The recordings are stored on the BSI-auto server onsite. The recording is in a “.wav” file format and is easily emailed or played back via windows media player. The recording can be made on any screen and is filed according to the department that presses the link button and the jobcard number.

Consumer Protection Act

The system incorporates many of the CPA (Consumer Protection Act) documentation and processes that has come into effect from April 2011 into the system to ensure that you as the dealer are well protected. All relevant CPA documents auto populate with the clients information and prints or email from the system to the customer.

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